From recycled materials to eco-friendly construction practices, we embrace innovation as a driving force to create homes that stand as a testament to responsible living.


“The pipes have burst and the house is left in ruin!”; “We moved into this house and didn’t realize how much was wrong with it.”; “We have been putting off this remodel for years, we just want it done.” These scenarios are all too common as we encounter through our work in remodels and flooring Chesterton. Home improvements are always something that so many people need help with. Whether living in a region prone to flooding, rain, snow and ice damage or living in a newly purchased home that is just in need of some updating, homeowners can be left to deal with countless problems which they lack the time or professional experience to deal with, the struggle is real. Restoration processes can be an extremely stressful time in the lives of each of us. Many people are left wondering what to do or who to turn to. Some people try to make an attempt to solve any issues they may have themselves, and find that the technique they used was not quite refined enough to fully fix the true issues. Others may have a friend of a friendthat knows someone who can fix it for you. Regardless it is difficult finding reliable, dependable people. Construction and its various trades require a bit of training, time on the job, and are often more hazardous than they may appear to be to the average person looking for flooring Chesterton. There are times when something might seem to be miniscule but can turn into a severe issue if the problem or occurrence is not addressed correctly or in a timely manner. There are times when it is most prudent to go with a pro.


New Dynamics Construction was founded with the intention and the eventual goal of providing alternative, off-grid housing beyond just doing flooring Chesterton. We plan to change the way people see their homes. We believe that homes should function in cohesion with the natural forces around us rather than standing rigidly on the landscape in a cell block gridded fashion. We would like to stray away from all of the toxic building materials used in common practice by instead using recycled materials. There are techniques to turn trash into building materials. The world is becoming more and more of a dump, there is a giant hunk of plastic floating in the ocean the size of an island. As population increases we need to start doing things a bit differently even on the level of flooring Chesterton. People need the ease and accessibility to grow food in their own homes. Yet there needs to be modern technology applied to these homes in thoughtful ways that provide intuitive and fulfilling experiences during occupancy. People need to be able to power their homes with viable renewable energy sources as opposed to reliance upon combustion. Sometimes blowing things up is not the right answer. Out of fear for future generations we look to become the change we want to see. To reach these lofty goals of ours we practice conventional methods of carpentry and remodeling ranging from framework to finish work and most everything in between until we are profitable enough to make the transformation into an eco-friendly, off-grid community construction company by attending the proper training courses and getting certified in building the types of homes envisioned starting with flooring Chesterton. I think that when it comes to fruition it will truly bring “New Dynamics” to the field of Construction.



At New Dynamics Construction LLC we take great pride in what we do from complete remodels down to flooring Chesterton. Our intention is to grow more and more masterful in our skills.


We take pride in the hard work that goes into all of the various projects that we do, no matter how big or how small they may be. It is always nice to lend someone a helping hand when they are in need, we always love to bring relief to our customers. We enjoy seeing the before and after just as much as you! We aim to have complete satisfaction from each new client.


We stay in touch with each person we meet by giving them updates and progress reports through the duration of the project from remodeling down to flooring Chesterton. There is assurance that each and every customer has a line of communication going with us, it is something that we are committed to. Even if the response is delayed we will always reach out in a timely manner. We thrive with our detail-oriented carpenters.


As craftsmen, it is our duty to complete the task at hand with integrity and diligence. Resolved to succeed we cannot be beat for even when a situation seems like a loss it is only a lesson. We will keep on learning and perfecting our craft with each job we complete. Honesty and loyalty are always traits you can count on us to uphold. With sincerity and devotion to our word, we do everything we can to provide proper service and assistance.


My name is Joell Bailey, I am the owner / operator of New Dynamics Construction LLC. I started New Dynamics Construction LLC in early 2020 with my younger brother. We have both worked in the trades for a decade starting with and eventually advancing beyond flooring Chesterton. We have worked together to build things since we have walked this earth. I started on my career path in high school as a painter, painting interior and exteriors of houses my senior year and for 3 years on, after that I was certified and worked as a MIG welder for 1 year, then I worked as a trim carpenter for 4 years, and 2 years prior to starting my business I did drywall work. I have always been a creator. I see the design in all things. It is inherent to this universe. I have a deep appreciation for art, music, and nature. I used to paint in an artistic capacity. I was lead singer/songwriter of an alternative rock band for 4 years. My brother and I grew up in the scouts and spent a lot of time hiking the Indiana Dunes, where I gained a love of nature and the outdoors. I enjoy camping, kayaking, canoeing, frisbee golf, overcast days, and the color purple. Writing is a great passion of mine. Reading can be fun too if the subject matter interests me enough to maintain the focus. How is your focus? Interested enough? I do not like to lose at anything I take part in and I cannot stand the thought of ever giving up. Never shall I dare accept a failure.

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