Our team of skilled professionals brings expertise, innovation, and dedication to each project, ensuring that the end result not only meets but exceeds your expectations.



New Dynamics does a lot of work for insurance companies that ranges from flooring Chesterton to ceiling. When homeowners make a claim with their house insurance company, the work orders change handsFlooring Chesterton 9 and we are some of the individuals selected to take on this work. This work primarily consists of restoration and remodeling work. It is quite often that we find ourselves in situations where people are expecting professional results, and that is just what we deliver. Insurance companies will not endorse a business that provides sub-par results to their customers. This stands to show the virtue and validity of the work that we do. Drywall refinishing is one of our specialties.

Whether you need your entire basement or garage to be finished, whether you have water damage, or whether you need an entire new construction drywall finished, we offer professional results for reasonable pricing. Drywall work is a skill that requires a bit of an artist’s touch. In order to get the perfect smooth finish that we all like to see, you must have a critical eye.

We have the vision as well as the foresight, to see what needs done in a situation before we even arrive to that point when it comes to drywall. We are sure to take steps to avoid a large mess in living areas if the job site is occupied. We do everything in our power to deliver a clean surface ready to paint and bring a New Dynamic to your home or workplace. Great pride is taken in all of our skills and services and it’s something that shows from ceiling to flooring Chesterton.



New Dynamics Construction offers a wide variety and quite the plethora of services as our skill set is so wide. With experience working on crews in different trades we utilize our know how to perform many necessary tasks that arise through the duration of a job beyond flooring Chesterton. We thrive in serving residential clients and we also thrive in serving commercial clientele. There is so much that we can assist with that the list could roll on for miles and miles. Some days clients need a job done and they know the right choice is with a well-rounded individual who can overcome obstacles as they arise, it is the way we all seek to be. If there is a residence that needs to be worked on then we are there to work on it. It is all about service in the industry as we all have grown to accept. We will always stand by our word to honor the contracts we make with every individual. Residential work is sensitive, people need their privacy. It is difficult having strangers in our homes, we here at New Dynamics Construction offer the utmost respect when it comes to boundaries and not overstepping them. We keep in mind also that in a commercial setting, there is an unprecedented need for professionalism to be maintained, that is something we will always guarantee. There are many nuances and subtleties that other contractors may overlook, however we are sure to keep an ever-watchful eye for the smallest of details and ensure that your flooring Chesterton is top-notch. We are here to please and service you to a point of satisfaction.



Flooring is some of the most commonly damaged parts of a house. Obviously they received the wear and tear of anything that enters a home. When flooring Chesterton gets old it really starts to show. New flooring can have a transformative effect on a living space. When it comes to floors we can put a solid footing beneath you. We have experience with various types of materials.

We deal with this sort of work on a regular basis. Dealing in the restoration business water damage is all too common, and thus a lot of flooring needs replaced. There may be times when someone looks at their floor and it looks like something out of a fun house. There are so many high and low spots in the floor that the kids could never enjoy a game of marble in their life even if they did put away the iPad.

We offer floor leveling remedies as well as flooring installations. An uneven or squeaky floor board? No problem, we have the fix. We offer you the most logical options for your own unique situation, we are always there to help no matter what, and will do our very best to help customers reach an informed decision on what services and products they are about to invest their hard earned money into.

If new flooring Chesterton is what you need, then a new floor is what you will get, and as always it is guaranteed to bring new dynamics to your space.



Days when we are stuck indoors, times when we have a moment to really look around. We get the chance to look around and find every little imperfection in the scope that manifests our sight. Thoughts become clouded and overridden with the dread of each dent in the wall, every dip in the flooring Chesterton, every chip out of the trim. The list builds itself in the back of your mind as it reaches a point of critical mass where you decide that something must be done. A need arises. A need for change, a need for reform, or dare I say a need for remodeling. Luckily we are here to help you with this. We can eliminate the imperfections and the impracticalities plaguing your mind and your home. With the plethora of skills we have at our disposal we can come up with new floor plans, give old homes an update, and change the entire feng shui of a house. A bit of framing, some new drywall, flooring, trim, and paint can go a long way. We offer all of these services in house so that you will not need to bounce around from company to company trying to get quotes on piece work. This simplifies the entire process and gives us the time to show you that we are the contractors to call whenever you begin to notice something about your home that makes you feel any less at home. We are always trying to bring some new dynamics to you and your situation, so give us that call today!



We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your vision to life. Whether you have questions about our services or want to discuss a potential project, our team is here to assist you.