Every project we undertake is driven by a passion for creating positive impact. Whether it’s minimizing our environmental footprint or delivering homes that enhance your quality of life, our passion fuels our dedication to building a better tomorrow.



Punctuality is a part of what we at New Dynamics Construction LLC provide. Punctuality: the fact or quality of being on time. WHY?! Is being on time important to us? We strive to prove our dependability to our actions no matter if we are doing a big remodeling job or simply new flooring Chesterton. We are the go to contractors that you can always rely on. Some contractors will not provide accurate times. This may leave the client waiting delayed times for someone who may or may not show up to the appointment. If an estimate is set up with us we will be where we say we will be, when we say we will be there. As a company we are conscientious of the client’s time. We are people as well and realize the true value of a little bit of consideration. Our client’s time is just as important as our own. Arriving on time, for us, means having dedication for the project at hand. With certain projects, there are multiple processes that may take time. Being there to complete a project in a timely manner requires scheduling; which depends on punctuality. It is a domino effect, if a project starts late due to tardiness, you can almost count on the whole project being like this and never getting flooring Chesterton finished. Keeping a schedule requires great effort, as it is a constantly changing thing. After all, time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. With that being said, we will not waste a moment of yours. As a business we insure clear communication links and systems in place so that mishaps and errors in scheduling do not happen. Nobody falls through the cracks.  



FREE. Surely that is something that has gotten your attention more than flooring Chesterton. New Dynamics Construction LLC provides free estimates for your new project. Now how does this differentiate us and the other contractors? Our estimates are carefully curated, yet straight to the point. Whether you choose to go with us or not, we choose to treat every customer as if to be a respected client. The planning process for us begins with the estimate. Call (219) 916-7152 or email Newdynamicsconstruction@gmail.com to begin the process. From there, a date and time will be decided between the customer and contractor to view your project; whether it be residential or commercial. Upon the quote, our contractor will gather all necessary information. This may include: contact information, measurements and dimensions, price-range for materials needed(low-grade,medium-grade, or high-grade), etc. After acquiring the information needed, an invoice is meticulously made. The invoice is sent to the customer. From there, the customer can see where the funding will be going. It is set up to be straightforward. The materials and where they will be ordered from, the amount of workers that will be assigned, how many days the project is predicted to take, and such will be all there for the customer to go over. If there are any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us with the information stated above for flooring Chesterton or any other construction needs. At that point, you will more than likely want to go with us. A contract will be made and signed. Then you will be officially in our work schedule!



To be licensed and insured indicates that we mean business with our flooring Chesterton. With pride, we do not and will not take shortcuts. The legitimacy of our business includes protection for not only our employees, but our clients as well. When agreeing to hire an unlicensed or uninsured contractor, there might be some things you are unaware of. Unlicensed contractors cannot obtain a building permit. By not getting the building permit, it may not be up to code. Building codes are pertinent to everyone’s safety. Another thing to consider when employing an unlicensed contractor, is that the contract may not be enforceable. For the client, this could mean trouble…especially if retribution is seeked. For an uninsured contractor, you could be financially reliable for a carpenter’s injury on the job. How could this be? Well, since the employee had gotten hurt and does not have insurance, it is assumed the boss of the carpenter would be responsible. NO. In fact, since the unlicensed/uninsured contractor is not a technical, legal business, it could fall upon you if someone chose to pursue the issue. The same applies to accidental damage to property. A sewage pipe had gotten damaged. You could be held liable for the damages and repairs. The money you might be “saving” by employing someone without proper licensing and insurance, could cost you in other ways in the end. Cleary New Dynamics Construction LLC is the right choice for flooring Chesterton and any other construction needs you may have. Other than the fact we deliver superb results with our projects, we have you covered. We are insured. We are licensed.



Affordability is a big factor when looking for a contractor for your new project or flooring Chesterton. Not only does the client have to consider the price of hiring a contractor, but how much time spent finding the right contractor for your needs. That is why you should go with us! Along with the affordability, you get quality work too. It is hard to find a company that can give you both. Instead of calling contractor company to contractor company, follow your gut with New Dynamics Construction LLC. Within each estimate, it is broken down into exact numbers of what goes to where. For example, New Dynamics Construction LLC was hired to replace an old window. Within the quote, it would show the cost of the product, the workers provided, and more. If you have any further questions about your quote, do not hesitate to contact via email. We work diligently to give the customer the attention they deserve. We will respond as quickly as we are able to do so. With the starting of our company being at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we realize the struggle is real. We know the value of a dollar and how hard it is to save up. That is why we do our best to be modest with our pricing, but excellent in our services for flooring Chesterton and beyond. It is truly what our customers deserve. Each customer deserves respect, consideration, and responsiveness. New Dynamics Construction LLC expects its employees to hold up such code. With this customer service, how are we so affordable?!



We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your vision to life. Whether you have questions about our services or want to discuss a potential project, our team is here to assist you.